Martin Urschler

Image Martin Urschler My name is Martin Urschler and I'm a researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging, and a former member - and still close collaborator - of the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology in Austria.


My main scientific interests are in computer vision and medical image analysis, in applications of legal and clinical medicine, with a strong focus on algorithms and software tools to help interpreting/presenting information from 3D imaging modalities in a clinical forensic context, i.e. victims of domestic violence, forensic age estimation, ...


Curriculum Vitae

After finishing high school at BG/BRG Fürstenfeld in 1995, I studied Telematik - a combination of computer science and electrical engineering - at Graz University of Technology. I graduated with the degree of Dipl.Ing. in November 2001, with a master thesis about the segmentation of left heart ventricles from Electron-Beam CT Data performed at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG).

From 2002 to 2007 I worked on my PhD thesis in a project together with Siemens PSE in Graz and Siemens MED in Erlangen and Forchheim, Germany. In this thesis, I investigated nonlinear registration methods based on matching of intensity and gradient based 3D image features. After defending my PhD work, I started with a two-year Post-Doc position in face image analysis, again together with Siemens PSE in Graz. Since 2009, I am now a part of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging in Graz, and am currently a key researcher responsible for medical image analysis.

All this time spent with medical image analysis research, I have tried to uphold one of the driving principles of ICG, the topic of visual computing at the borderline between computer vision and computer graphics. So this is one of the major influences on my research work up till today, which is reflected in my publications and projects performed with many awesome guys at ICG and other locations!

Besides computer science my interests are in volleyball, where I am currently part of the Mixed-Team Legolandi, and have spent many years with the Men's team of TV (now VC Uniqa) Gratwein.