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General Information


What is the Clinical-Forensic Outpatient Center?

The Clinical-Forensic Outpatient Center is an institution of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical-Forensic Imaging at the University of Graz in cooperation with the Institute for Forensic Medicine. The Outpatient Center is an investigative body for persons of any age who suffered from physical or sexual violence or any form of child abuse or maltreatment. Specially trained physicians offer a thorough forensic examination and an extensive documentation of injuries as well as if required secure evidence and provide expert reports.
If requested the Center assists with information on further treatments and finding appropriate support like e.g. for further medical clarification, help from a Crime Victims Center as well as psychological or legal advice.

Folder of the Clinical-Forensic Outpatient Center

Folder of the Clinical-Forensic Outpatient Center can be ordered via this email address